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We figure by your visit, that you have seen or heard now of the Way-More Hopper Control, offered by Way-more and it's affiliates. If you are interested in purchasing this product to benefit your operation, please send a message through our Contacts page, or an email to info@way-more.ca, and we can assist you.


Currently we are pre-ordering these devices. With batch certifications required we aim to have a batch available to send out within 3 to 4 weeks. We are devolping our infrasture to become more available to you. We will update on the website as sources become available.


Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding, and we greatly look forward to doing business with you.



Wayne McCauley,

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Way-More was developed by Wayne McCauley, based on a lifetime of experiences in the agricultural field, mainly in poultry. Born and raised on a farm, and managing a large scale poultry operation, I have experienced first hand the complexities of the various operations which co-exist in the growing facility, and observe that there are minimal tolerances for failures and breakdowns.


Farming is big business, and when you run your high performance operation, you require products which you can rely on, without exception, that will be dependable and operating for you, allowing your business to run at maximum efficiency and performance. Way-More provides a product that you can rely on, place your trust in, that will perform, to maintain your performance and your bottom line!



Introducing,  the Way-More Hopper Control Actuator


What does Way-More offer that's so unique?


The Way-More Hopper Control Actuator was developed to overcome all challenges that inflict other methods currently being used.


-There are no expensive or sensitive electronics or proximity sensors,


-No finicky settings or adjustments required after initial setup,


-Not a delicate device, requiring gentle handling, it's made of tough fabricated steel.


-Does not allow rotation, to eliminate out of adjustment situations


-Designed and built not to be the weak link, offering a super-heavy duty electrical switch, you can put you're trust into the reliable components used within.


-Allows your electrical motors to run a useful run-cycle, eliminating short cycle times, and “bouncing” if bumped by the livestock.


-Best of all, our proudest achievement - Providing 100% defence against dust, moisture, water, flies and earwigs or other pesky insects, that most commonly effect the reliability of micro-switches. Way-More has conquered in reliability, and keeps your operation running at peak performance.


So how does it work?

    The operation of the device is simple, it attaches to the Hopper suspension cable, and the other end affixed directly to the hopper box, from its hanger, and when the feed fill the hopper, and the mass becomes greater, the Way-More Hopper Control extends, and as it extends so far, it will turn off the switch, stopping the fill auger because there is enough feed in the hopper.


But what controls the switch?

   Thats where the Way-More excels! The micro-switch itself is activated through a means of magnetic force. Way-More has patented this operation to make it the only device capable of operating the micro-switch in this way. This KEY FEATURE provides 100% protection from barn environments attacking and breaking down the micro-switch, causing failures we are all familiar with. Every other product utilizing a micro-switch operation has allowed vulnerabilites, no matter how well protected, to the microswitch. It was simply a characteristic of the switch design, fundamental to it's operation.  So when Way-More set out to design the device, the design criteria stated one definative objective.... The micro-switch was to be 100% sealed and protected from all environmental conditions.  We nailed it!!


Is it difficult to install?

    Definitely not, there are a couple of points to observe during the initial setup, sometimes an adjustment on a drop cable on its initial setup, and once it is installed, theres no more adjustments to be made.


When starting up for the first time again after a flock, it is important to note the required clearances to permit the device to function properly.  The biggest culprits are:


1) The line has been lowered too far and has allowed slack in the main suspension cable. with this slack, it prevents the device from extending for it's operation, and will not turn off the system, and feed will back up to the safety switch.  Usually the hopper box will have a hard lean on it also, that is a sign that something is not right.


2) Clearance underneath the first feedpan from the hopper is also required to maintain proper function and reliablity. Typically only a problem with fresh bedding or initally setting up the barn for a new flock. There can be no obstructions and requires minimum half inch of clearance.




Frequently Asked Questions


How Much does it cost?


Simply send an email to pricecheck@way-more.ca, click send, and you will recieve an immediate and current price on the Way-More Hopper Control Device.  Don't worry about entering your email address, this is an automatically generated response and will not be abused by sending you a bunch of crap you don't want!! I don't like it, and I'm not going to permit this kind of action.


Or, you can click here for PRICECHECK, Thank you!





Will be adding FAQ's soon, in the meantime, please email me your question. info@way-more.ca   Thank you.



























Less Fighting, More Feeding!! "Less fighting, More Feeding!!"
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